McDonald’s strikes a chirpy note – but it needs a bit more than that to escape its market woes

McDonald’s’ UK advertising seems to be essaying a chirpier note of late, moving away from the more downbeat style where a Big Mac (or whatever) is depicted as a consolation for life’s trials. Which can suggest, of course, that only saddos munch McDonald’s.

So here, in the latest ad from long-serving Leo Burnett, ‘Good Times,’ we have young Harry finally finding satisfaction in a family Mac-fest after a day spent being told not to do this and that by his supposed elders and betters. Which sounds a bit sad – but it isn’t.

McDonald’s, now under new management of course in the shape of British CEO Steve Easterbrook, is still looking for a way out of the woods. It’s just reported ten per cent falls in sales and profits, terrible really although apparently not as bad as Wall Street feared.

Hard to see quite what advertising can do to help. Maybe the company just needs to be completely different and that’s a hell of a task.

MAA creative scale: 7.

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