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New Adobe report says companies are focusing on CRM – which is probably news to customers

Adobe has release its Digital Trends 2015 report, surveying more than 6,000 mar­ket­ing and ecom­merce types pro­fes­sion­als around the world on their digital marketing predictions for the upcoming year.

Cus­tomer expe­ri­ence at 22 per cent has overtaken last year’s leader mobile (18 per cent) as the most excit­ing oppor­tu­nity with 78 per cent of com­pa­nies agree­ing that they would be try­ing to dif­fer­en­ti­ate through cus­tomer expe­ri­ence in the year ahead.

Digital as a whole still has a way to go it seems, with just 14 per cent of respondents agreeing that dig­i­tal ‘per­me­ates all their mar­ket­ing pro­grammes’ and the same small pro­por­tion describing them­selves as ‘digital-first’.

Other key findings include:

* 44 per cent of companies see customer experience as the number one way to differentiate themselves over the next five years

* 42 per cent of respondents saw strategy as the most important building block for building brilliant customer experience

* 71 per cent of marketers expect multichannel campaign management to become the most exciting prospect beyond 2015

* Geo-targeting signposts a new era in mobile with 13% planning on using geo-targeting in the next year

call-centerWhich is all fine and good, customer experience (or customer relationship management, the latest boom business for agencies) does indeed seem to be important. So why is most people’s experience of dealing with big companies almost invariably unsatisfactory? Just try ringing up Virgin Media to report a fault or, even, to find out what’s going on.

After five minutes of some dipsy woman and horrible music (if you’re lucky) you then have to navigate an endless switchboard to find out – precisely nothing. Apart from what they want to sell you or instructions to go to the website (which you can’t reach because your broadband is down).

It would be useful, once in a while, to receive a report outlining what companies are actually doing rather than what they say they intend to do: grr.

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