Karmarama scores a triumph for BBC’s ‘Love of Music’

We’ve lobbed the odd brickbat at the BBC’s advertising efforts over the years – the corporation is always saying it’s cash-strapped (reducing dramatically the number of reporters on its flagship Today programme for example) – yet it’s found the dosh to produce a number of pretty wanky ads through a variety of agencies. And pay ridiculous sums to some of its marketing execs.

But music is one of the Beeb’s strong points even though it did try to nix the excellent 6 Music a couple of years ago (Iggy Pop’s programme on Sunday afternoons is wonderful).

So here we have ‘For the Love of Music’ hymning its efforts with a range of artists singing Brian Wilson’s God Only Knows. Good to see the ex-Beach Boy, the only artist to appear twice, looking so well: he even looks a tiger in the face (bit of CGI there methinks).

Two years in the making but worth it. Impeccably scored by Karmarama.

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