New Havas/Weve survey shows extent of mobile mania

Here’s the most depressing news of the day (particularly if you find yourself doing it).

A new study of 3000 Brits from Havas Media and mobile mobile marketing company Weve has found that:

Unknown-274 per cent of respondents aged 16-24 said they need to have their mobile phones with them at all times, whilst almost two-thirds said they will check their phone when out with friends or colleagues if there is a lull in the conversation. Many young people feel anxious when they’re away from their phone.

The increased use of smartphones and social media means young people are planning less (35 per cent of 16-24s) and two thirds agree that they are more confident exploring new places knowing they can navigate using maps.

Havas Media head of futures Amy Kean says: “Over the last ten years the impact of mobile phones has changed the human psyche dramatically. And because of this, marketing should be changing too. It’s the brands who understand the complexities of this new narcissistic, spontaneous and mobile-dependent consumer that will stand out amongst the noise.”

The study also shows:

· 79 per cent of 16-24s agree that it is acceptable to use their mobile phones on the toilet.

· 81 per cent of 16-24s agree it is acceptable to use their mobile in quiet zones, e.g. on a train or in a library.

· 29 per cent of 16-24s (38 per cent of 25-34s) agree that is it completely or sometimes acceptable to use their mobile phone in a work meeting.

. 77 per cent of 16-24s think it is either completely or sometimes acceptable to use their mobile phones during a conversation with friends or family.

· 69 per cent of 16-24s use their smartphones to take photos of themselves compared to only 11 per cent of 55+.

. 22 per cent of 16-24 (25 per cent of 25-34s) agree that they judge people by the type of mobile phone that they own.

Weve commercial director Nigel Clarkson says: ““The fact that mobile phones are so hugely important to people isn’t a new finding. What is interesting though is a shift to almost total dependence on the mobile for so many different utilities and services.

“Given the contextual capabilities of mobile like location data, immediacy, and presence in apps and content sites, we believe there is still so much more the marketing community can do to fully take advantage of this huge cultural shift in behaviour.

“We know the audience is there and we know for certain demographics they are always on, always connected and engaged. Mobile has some unique characteristics and with the right verified audience, brands and marketers can have an impact and relevance that can really matter to a consumer.”

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