New Commonwealth film for Man U’s Chevy sponsorship harks back to a more golden era

This is going to be painful for anyone who doesn’t support Manchester United – but, then, football’s about pain isn’t it, as any Brazil fan could tell you this morning.

McCann offshoot Commonwealth has finally produced a film plugging Chevrolet’s sponsorship of the famous-club-that’s-not-in-the-Champion’s League-this-year; the vast deal – an alleged $500m or so – that saw our favourite CMO Joel Ewanick turfed from General Motors.

And it’s fine as these things go. Nice touch to get all those old Man U players, including oft-forgotten these days Denis Law, the legendary ‘King’ for Man U fans of a certain vintage.

Not sure about the choice of Wayne Rooney to finish off though. Suppose it had to be him (Man U are a bit short of stars these days) but he’s so obviously a scouser that he just doesn’t sound right in such a Mancunian film (Manchester and Liverpool may be neighbouring cities but friends they are not).

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  1. As I say on AdScam, when it comes to “Twats” don’t point the finger at Ewanick now… Anyway, Wayne “I finally scored for England” Rooney fills that role quite nicely. And whilst on the subject, did you see that the curse of Mick Jagger was the Brazilian’s downfall? On the Man U spot, whoever did the location scouting went out of their way to find Manchester’s scruffiest streets. As someone who grew up on “Factory Lane,” Manchester, I know all about that shit. It’s all on AdScam.

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