Chevrolet’s holiday ad is even better than the best advertising

Commonwealth/McCann Alzheimer's film is a triumph

So far this holiday season there’s been an absence of tearjerkers, in the UK anyway (mustn’t forget that in the US ads often double up for Thanksgiving and Christmas.)

All that jollity can get a bit much so over to the US for Chevrolet’s holiday effort, once again featuring a vintage Chevy and, more importantly, a lady in the early stages of Alzheimer’s. Her daughter sets out to give her a day to remember. By Commonwealth/McCann.

It’s a hell of a long ad (there’s a cut-down) and could have been awful. But, in the ever-capable hands of director Tom Hooper and an inspired agency/client team, it’s not only an ad but just about the most sympathetic depiction imaginable of Alzheimer’s. Even survives an extra dose of John Denver.

Laurels all round.

MAA creative scale: 9.5.


  1. It’s her granddaughter, and John Denver is was a gift to this world. Put some respect on his name, he was an amazing songwriter.

  2. Any one know who the actor’s are in this new ad? The grand daughter (well, all of them) is wonderful and I’d love to know the cast names.

  3. This heart warming ad is off the charts on so many levels. The cast is perfect and so believable! Who are they? The iconic John Denver music sets the tone for their young love. It reminds us that the human touch is the only way to open a mind and heart. By the way, the car is cool too.

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