Chevrolet brings much-needed imagination to car advertising with McCann Shanghai

Never realised the Chevrolet logo was a bowtie, hailing from 1913 so some say, based on Parisian wallpaper. Others say it was borrowed from a coal company. You can now have it in black.

Anyway it’s the hero of this ambitious effort from McCann Shanghai which tries to add some glitz to what’s usually been seen as an everyday brand. There’s a reference to coal too in a whirlwind tour of black stuff, which won’t please everyone although they clearly value it in China.

Chevrolet brand director Vincent Fang says: “Through this campaign, we hope that the ‘born powerful’ message will strike a chord with young Chinese people’s pursuit of individuality, as well as to strengthen their recognition of Chevrolet, and for the brand essence of the Black Bowtie to resonate and carve a place in their lives.”

Full marks for effort anyway. And if you compare it to the absolute schlock currently being foisted on the public by Audi and BMW (which once set the bar for car advertising but have clearly forgotten how and why) then it more than stands up in comparison.

MAA creative scale: 7.5.

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