O2 and VCCP turn cats into dogs to try to cut through mobile ad clutter

Is there a touch of desperation behind this new campaign from London agency VCCP for O2? It must be getting harder and harder to cut through all the ad clutter in the mobile market.

So we have a very nice film, ‘Be More Dog,’ about a cat that turns itself into a dog and a clever play on carpe diem (bit posh for a TV ad) which is taken to mean ‘grab the frisbee.’

On the face of it, though, it doesn’t say much about mobile service provider 02.

But, as ever these days, there’s more and it’s online. Namely a ‘grab the frisbee’ game featuring aforementioned cat. Which you access via your mobile so, presumably, 02 can sink its feline claws into you as you become part of its ‘community.’

It’s a nice film anyway.

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