Were these the best ads shown at Cannes? Probably – but not many are for brands as we know them

Here’s Adweek’s reel of the 21 best film ads at Cannes this year.

Most of the top ten we spotted in advance, some of the next ten we didn’t so they’re quite interesting (some of them we did and didn’t rate).

Anyway, make your own mind up.

Here’s one we haven’t noted which is pretty good, from Being in France and director Henry De Czar/Bacon (it says here) for the Come4 charity which helps disabled people get laid.

And quite right too. But is it advertising? I know it’s advertising Come4 but…

And there’s this brilliant ad from F/Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi in Sao Paulo for Leica.

Good works/La condition humaine play a part as they did in most of the Film Golds. But it’s fair enough for Leica, the war photographer’s camera of choice.

But brands, the stuff you buy in the supermarket, don’t stand much of a chance these days. Ogilvy’s Dove won lots of awards, and good luck to them. And I was pleased to see Wieden+Kennedy’s ‘Whatever’s Comfortable’ for Southern Comfort winning a Film Gold.

It was probably the best ad as we know them (or used to know them) at the festival.

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