Tesco and W+K dive into new supermarket price war with attack on Sainsbury’s Brand Match

Tesco CEO Phil Clarke is a combative type and now Tesco is launching a new ‘price promise,’ a version of Sainsbury’s’ highly successful Brand Match that offers shoppers up to ten quid off at the till if what they buy is cheaper at Sainsbury’s, Asda or Morrisons.

This has put the wind up some retail analysts who envisage Tesco giving everybody a tenner.

New(ish) agency Wieden+Kennedy has been enlisted to dramatise this particular goody with one of its now trademark short and snappy campaigns for the retailer.

Will we ever see a ‘proper’ brand campaign from W+K for Tesco? Maybe not. At this rate it’ll soon be in the Guinness Book of Record for the most commercials made in one year for a single client.

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