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Andy Vogel of NewBase: US net neutrality repeal will cost UK advertisers too

Despite 83 per cent of Americans supporting net neutrality maintaining the status quo, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has undone the 2015 rules that prevented internet providers from using a tiered/paid system to block or slow specific websites. Now, because ...

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Have YouTube’s algorithms gone bananas?

I know that YouTube is under pressure for publishing inappropriate this and that – with advertisers withdrawing in droves although that probably won’t last – but have its (possibly rehashed) algorithms gone mad? When I go to YouTube I usually ...

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YouTube walks from one safety issue into another

What to do about dodgy stuff on YouTube? Not so long ago the “brand safety” issue was dodgy videos next to ads, now it’s dodgy (and worse) comments on videos featuring children. Not usually adjacent to a brand. Clearly policing ...

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Google and Facebook eye Christmas ads bonanza

So what has happened to the Christmas ads missing millions? Last week we noted that YouTube views seems to be down across the piece and it seems that the same has happened to Facebook shares (bigger numbers than YouTube in ...

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Welcome to the era of six-second video ads

YouTube, Facebook and Fox (among others) have decided that what we need are more six-second video ads. Why six seconds? It’s longer than five but shorter than seven..dunno. Of course all three want more ad dollars. Any other benefits? The ...

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IPA calls on YouTube and Google to mend their ad ways

The UK’s IPA agency trade body has formally called on Google-owned YouTube and Facebook to work with the IPA and ISBA (the advertiser equivalent) to bring the safety, measurement and viewabillity of their online video up to acceptable industry standards. ...

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