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Welcome to the era of six-second video ads

YouTube, Facebook and Fox (among others) have decided that what we need are more six-second video ads. Why six seconds? It’s longer than five but shorter than seven..dunno. Of course all three want more ad dollars. Any other benefits? The ...

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IPA calls on YouTube and Google to mend their ad ways

The UK’s IPA agency trade body has formally called on Google-owned YouTube and Facebook to work with the IPA and ISBA (the advertiser equivalent) to bring the safety, measurement and viewabillity of their online video up to acceptable industry standards. ...

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Will YouTube’s top ad scorers win at Cannes?

With Cannes Lions 2017 on the horizon, YouTube has released its special edition Cannes YouTube Ads Leaderboard of highest scoring ads. These ads represent 11.8 million hours watched for the whole Leaderboard. The top ads include: Heartstring numbers from Knorr, ...

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Fake ads storm threatens media buying model

Whether it’s fake news or fake ads (as we might call those next to to “inappropriate” videos on YouTube or Facebook) the architecture of the ad world is changing dramatically. Suddenly, for example, there’s the opportunity for “old,” linear media ...

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T&P’s Hornby leads the charge as Google’s Brittin resists outside ad verification

Here’s The&Partnership’s Johnny Hornby on the trail of Google and Facebook again, in one of his regular appearances on Sky News. He wants Google and Facebook to decide whether they’re “platforms” or “publishers” (publishers are legally responsible for their content ...

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YouTube’s top European ads – including a real eye-opener from Momondo

Here’s YouTube’s list of the top-scoring European ads of 2016. We ran the British top scorers yesterday – here. European Ads Leaderboard 1. Nike Football Presents: The Switch ft. Cristiano Ronaldo, Harry Kane, Anthony Martial & More 2. John Lewis ...

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