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BBH love bombs KFC, FIFA 15, Apple and U2 and that Scottish conundrum

**Agencies win all sorts of awards but if there was a ‘Romcom’ agency award it would surely go to BBH. Here it is match-making again, for KFC’s Burritos. Axe/Lynx it ain’t but it’s an interesting proposition. And why not? The ...

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Now it’s Dr Apple as boss Cook unveils ‘Healthkit’

Apple is upgrading its iOS and Mac OSX software (which power the iPhone/iPad and its computers respectively) to support a whole new range of apps including a number which offer health monitoring, called Healthkit. These, in turn, link with wearable ...

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Apple’s ‘blingy’ new TBWA ad isn’t as bad as they say

Advertising is always said to have played a pivotal role in the Apple phenomenon, ever since Ridley Scott’s iconic 1984 commercial launched the Macintosh. Founder Steve Jobs allegedly used to oversee all the ads along with TBWA Media Arts Lab’s ...

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Apple and TBWA produce another campaign searching for an idea

We don’t really know who’s in charge of marketing at Apple these days; ultimately it used to be Steve Jobs and TBWA Media Arts Lab head Lee Clow. Is current CEO Tim Cook (left) as ‘hands’ on as Jobs? Cook ...

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