BBH love bombs KFC, FIFA 15, Apple and U2 and that Scottish conundrum

**Agencies win all sorts of awards but if there was a ‘Romcom’ agency award it would surely go to BBH.

Here it is match-making again, for KFC’s Burritos. Axe/Lynx it ain’t but it’s an interesting proposition. And why not? The date of your life might be at KFC. Anybody you meet at Scott’s or the Wolseley is sure to have a hidden agenda…


**More footie, this time from Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam for new video game FIFA 15, ‘Feel The Game.’

Very good. I’m a bit cheesed with football, although things might improve if Everton stopped letting in so many goals.

**The Scottish Referendum draws nigh and it looks (as of tonight) that the ‘No’ supporters might swing it.

I gather that Alex Salmond, the SNP pro-independence leader, has hoarded his ad money (officially both causes are only allowed £1.5m) for the last few days. So there’ll be a press and poster blitz in Scotland for independence coming soon (vote is on September 18). The ‘No’s’ haven’t got much dosh left it seems.

I don’t believe all these stories that Scotland and, by extension the UK, will go to wrack and ruin if the Scots vote for independence. But they’ll probably work.

**On that Scotland issue – there’s no way The Queen could remain head of state of two independent countries. She’ll have to decide if she’s a Windsor or a Balmoral gal. And what would happen to the Duke of Edinburgh if Scotland goes its own way? What dukedoms are left in England? William became Duke of Cambridge, which had never hitherto existed. Duke of Milton Keynes for Philip?

**You have to watch your step in the internet. Apple decided to send its iTunes subscribers a free new U2 album (U2 shipped up top support the iPhone 6 and Apple Watch launch). One ungrateful tweeter described it as like finding a dead mouse in your kitchen. Tim Cook and Bono just ain’t cool – and can a band really have a guitarist called “The Edge’ and be serious?

Well that’s enough of that. I was trying to find something something funny/rude to finish off with but I came across this instead.


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