Apple and TBWA produce another campaign searching for an idea

We don’t really know who’s in charge of marketing at Apple these days; ultimately it used to be Steve Jobs and TBWA Media Arts Lab head Lee Clow. Is current CEO Tim Cook (left) as ‘hands’ on as Jobs?

Cook is under pressure of course; Apple’s shares have tanked after rising to dizzying levels and the board these days seems to be rather more vocal than in the Jobs era, demanding more innovation according to reports from the US.

Maybe Cook, who has other issues like tax avoidance and the everlasting patent war with Samsung and others, on his plate leaves marketing to the troops.

Which hasn’t looked liked a very sensible way to go recently with branding campaigns that have replaced the rapier with a rather soggy bludgeon.

Here’s the latest from TBWA plugging the iPhone (basically saying it is still popular, really) with a narrative that eventually slides into the la-la land of most mobile ads these days; happy people swapping pictures and relationships on their chosen gadget.

It could be for Sony or, yikes, Microsoft.

I’m sure ‘Face Time Every Day’ makes sense as a brief but, in this case at least, it hasn’t produced what you expect from an Apple campaign.

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