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YouTube is more effective than TV says Google boss

YouTube – which is owned by Google of course – is claiming that new research shows that ROI (return on investment) is greater on its channel than on conventional TV, which should set the thinkers at TV marketing body Thinkbox ...

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Thinkbox and Neuro-Insight: how to do brainy TV ads

TV marketing body Thinkbox has commissioned a new neuroscientific study which, it says, has identified creative factors that help make TV advertising work. The study is from Neuro-Insight, said to be a leader in ‘consumer neuroscience market research.’ It analysed ...

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Buoyant UK TV advertising blasts through £5bn barrier

UK TV advertising blasted through the £5bn barrier for the first time in 2015, a 7.4 per cent increase on 2014 according to new figures from TV marketing body Thinkbox. What will make Thinkbox’s TV company members just as happy ...

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