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Paul Simons: John Lewis’s Monty isn’t just a good film, it shows how integration works too

The outbreak of Christmas advertising condenses the differing ‘positioning’ various brands attempt to manage via their expensive TV productions. The most explicit examples are retailers as they fight for their share of the seasonal spoils. Argos for example has had ...

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Paul Simons: can Tesco’s new boss avoid that iceberg?

The shock news coming from Tesco this week – yet another profit warning and a revolving door at CEO level – reinforces previous comments in MAA on the huge challenges facing juggernaut bricks and mortar brands in a changing world. ...

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Paul Simons: there is no point in over-claiming on your CV – real success is nearly always down to teamwork

I have stumbled across some of the claims people make in their profiles on company websites and personal history on LinkedIn. I read one this morning where the person concerned claims he was the architect of integration at Ogilvy, possibly ...

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