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BBH bucks the trend with new online pitch

One of the enduring mysteries of ad agencies is that they don’t advertise – themselves. In the old days they could argue that cost was prohibitive – not something they told their clients of course – but, in the digital ...

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Giffgaff and Fallon’s shock treatment works

UK ad regulator the ASA has banned an online film from mobile network giffgaff for showing a randy old couple bonking behind supposedly closed doors. Can’t embed it unfortunately but it’s here. Giffgaff, which claims to “the mobile network run ...

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W+K London unleashes mad CMO Donald for Stride

Wieden+Kennedy London has produced a new online campaign for Mondelez’s Stride gum, featuring that much-loved figure the mad marketing director (or CMO as we call them these days). The campaign, ‘Mad Intense,’ features client Donald making a series of outrageous ...

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McDonald’s UK abandons selling for wish-fulfillment

You can see why this campaign from digital agency Razorfish for McDonald’s ticked a lot of boxes – when it was proposed anyway – but it still, to me, ends up being totally mystifying. Yes a bloody great picture of ...

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Laughter machine D5 continues Super Bowl assault

Droga5 (which seems to be in every other story this week, for good or, occasionally, ill) is happily spoofing away for Newcastle Brown, the supposedly minnow beer brand that can’t afford a Super Bowl spot. Here they’re taking a pot ...

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New bank TSB launches with local love fest by Joint

The UK finally has a new bank, the cornerstone of the Government’s banking policy, although it’s arrived rather by accident. Lloyds Banking Group was told by the EU to get rid of 632 branches as punishment for being helped out ...

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