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Tuesday September 29, 2009 at the Labour Party conference – was this the day the wheels came off the News Corporation chariot?

The scene was Brighton, England and embattled UK prime minister Gordon Brown had just tried (and mostly failed) to rally his battered troops. Leading Labour politicos at the party conference were no doubt looking forward to a few sustaining snifters ...

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New digital-focussed Telegraph surprises with £58.9m profits

The Daily Telegraph group made £58.9m profit in 2010, 11 per cent up on 2009, nearly 50 per cent if you strip out one-off sales in 2009 of £13m. The surprisingly buoyant figure seems to testify more to cost-cutting than ...

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Goldman Sachs investment says Facebook is worth $50bn

Or so the BBC (and the Financial Times and New York Times) seem to think. Top investment bank Goldman Sachs (the global economy’s version of Paddy Power) has stuck a load of its own money into Facebook stock (or options) ...

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Does Rupert Murdoch really want to kill the New York Times?

‘The Old Gray Lady’ as the New York Times is known in the US is flagging a bit, burdened by huge debts as the advertising tide has gone out and, its critics would say, hamstrung by too many hacks who ...

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