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Is Maybelline Wong (part of) the answer for Levi’s?

Venerable jeans brand Levi’s and agency Wieden+Kennedy Portland are certainly pushing all the buttons at their disposal to try to make the new version of Levi’s Go Forth campaign cool and hip. This time it’s dancer Maybelline Wong strutting her ...

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Critics round on BBH for BA ad’s London Calling

I don’t know what The Clash, punk heroes from the 1970s and ’80s made of British Airways, but it’s hard to see them as natural supporters of the flag-flying airline then helmed by (Lord) John King, a Thatcherite former car ...

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Levi’s lightens up as Wieden+Kennedy rolls out global ‘Go Forth’ campaign

Levi’s said was planning to take its US campaign ‘Go Forth’ global last year although it was hard to see Wieden+Kennedy Portland’s ‘rust belt’ opus playing well outside the US, and maybe inside it. Now, mercifully, it’s decided to lighten ...

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