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Now Interpublic suspends operations in Russia

Interpublic (IPG) has finally decided enough is enough in Ukraine, suspending its business operations in invader Russia, where it has around 200 people. They’ll be paid for six months. CEO Philippe Krakowsky (left) said in a memo: “Essentially, we hoped ...

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IPG noses ahead of rivals with 11.9% 2021 organic growth

Interpublic (IPG) has nosed ahead in the Q4 and full year 2021 ad holding company reporting stakes with Q4 net revenue of $2.55bn (up 11.6% on 2020) and organic net revenue growth of 11.7%. For the full year Interpublic registered ...

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Michael Roth steps down as Interpublic boss

Michael Roth (below) is retiring as executive chairman of Interpublic (IPG) after nearly 20 years in what was once a very hot seat as Interpublic, the original ad holding company, wrestled with all manner of problems. He handed over the ...

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IPG leads holding company pack with 15% organic growth

Interpublic (IPG) is the new leader in Q3 organic revenue growth among the big holding companies with 15% (Publicis was 11.2 and Omnicom 11.5) on a rise in net revenue of 15.7% to $2.26bn ($1.95bn last year.) Organic revenue grew ...

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Publicis, Omnicom and IPG bounce back strongly in Q2

Three of the big ad holding companies have posted spectacular post-pandemic bouncebacks in the first half of 2021, in effect a free hit as Q2 2020 saw advertisers across the world slashing budgets. Even so the numbers look pretty impressive. ...

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K-Y Jelly gives MM a helping hand

Noticed the other day that it was National Bee Day somewhere or other. Are we running out of days? It’s seemingly Masturbation Month in the US and elsewhere – which sounds a bit more more fun, certainly less hazardous – ...

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