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Innocean and Deutsch LA show that less (30″) is more

Hyundai is entering Super bowl lists again with a couple of ads from in-house agency Innocean, one a celeb-packed effort (which is OK) but also with this nice ad about the safety features on its new Genesis model. Does everything ...

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Hyundai takes The Flaming Lips to the Super Bowl

Hyundai and in-house agency Innocean are making a jolly good attempt to dominate the Super Bowl – we’ve already seen its in-game spot and also one from Hyundai Canada. Now it’s unveiled a ‘pre-kick’ spot for the Santa Fe SUV ...

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Super Bowl 2013: Now Hyundai US enters the lists

Earlier today we had Hyundai Canada’s Super Bowl contender, now here’s the US version (these South Koreans really buy into that Super Bowl vibe – $4m for thirty seconds). This is for the Santa Fe SUV and you can see ...

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