Innocean and Deutsch LA show that less (30″) is more

Hyundai is entering Super bowl lists again with a couple of ads from in-house agency Innocean, one a celeb-packed effort (which is OK) but also with this nice ad about the safety features on its new Genesis model.

Does everything you want in thirty seconds. Innocean really is rather good; I guess it’s what Joel Ewanick wanted to create at General Motors with Commonwealth but General Motors-ishness just got in the way.

And here’s another productive use of half a minute (not destined for the Super Bowl as far as I know) by Deutsch LA for Taco Bell. Wouldn’t go down very well with the British obesity police but you get the message.

Apparently it was shot at temperatures down to minus 60 in the Mid West during the recent US cold snap – but snowballing Kevin is obviously a tough boy as well as a big boy.

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