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IKEA tries a new direction in Rethink’s Canadian debut

Is IKEA pondering a switch ‘The Wonderful Everyday’ to ‘The Beautiful Possibilities?’ Which suggests a nudge upmarket. Here’s its first ad from newly-appointed independent Canadian agency Rethink with the new line – plus a spin on Louis Armstrong’s old standard ...

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Is IKEA’s new lion an Everyday Wonder?

IKEA’s ‘Wonderful Everyday’ from Mother is a wonderful campaign but is it running out of steam? Here’s the latest featuring a lion relaxing in an IKEA living room (lions relax for 18 hours a day it seems, only springing into ...

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Acne campaign transforms IKEA’s blue bag

Agency Acne is back on the IKEA case (didn’t think they called companies names like that any more but I suppose it gets you top of the Google searches) with another opus for the retailer’s famed although hardly glamorous blue ...

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IKEA unveils a different battle of the bedroom

Mother’s back for IKEA, this time with the WonderfulEveryNight (as opposed to EveryDay) showing us all how to ‘Win at Sleeping.’ Seems to be a national obsession these days: this morning on Today there was a not-very-convincing expert telling us ...

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Best ads of 2016: TalkTalk from CHI and two crackers from Mother win October

It’s amazing that ISP TalkTalk is still with us, given some of its past disasters (mostly self inflicted). CEO Dido Harding is still talking the talk though, succeeding in annoying BT’s Gavin Patterson no end with her (mostly justified) criticisms ...

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