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Adscam’s George Parker: my Top (agency) Tips for Cannes

In his infinite wisdom, Stephen has once again asked me to give my predictions on who will win the Dylithium Lions at this year’s Festival of so called Creativity in the fleshpots of Cannes. Before jumping into that cesspool of ...

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George Parker: some of the ad stars that didn’t shine

Reading in MAA that Mother’s new campaign for Sky will continue to feature Idris Elba, I felt driven to burden MAA readers with my thoughts on “Star Fucking” in the ad biz. For years the title was held by BBDO, ...

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George Parker: bring back the birds!

On the subject of big brand travails including Kraft Heinz which we covered yesterday, George Parker of Adscam fame reminds us of his experiences, detailed in Confessions of a Mad Man. Besides my never to be forgotten adventures with Mr ...

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