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George Parker: Paul Simons was right about some clients

I must say, I was pleased to see that Stephen Foster, in his great wisdom, has promised to re-publish many of Paul Simons past pieces. All are highly recommended. As I commented last week… “Truly sorry to hear the news. ...

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George Parker: Walmart, Larry Ellison, TikTok and me

I must admit I have no idea what the TikTok fuss is all about. The service is owned by Beijing-based ByteDance, and Der Trumpf is making a big stink that the platform can be used by the Chinese government to ...

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Adscam’s George Parker: my Top (agency) Tips for Cannes

In his infinite wisdom, Stephen has once again asked me to give my predictions on who will win the Dylithium Lions at this year’s Festival of so called Creativity in the fleshpots of Cannes. Before jumping into that cesspool of ...

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