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Nespresso goes dark and dirty – with no Clooney!

Well this isn’t like George Clooney at all – unless George has had a new lease of life. This is a groovy new online film from McCann Paris and studio Soleil Noir on the theme of ‘One second of emotions.’ ...

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Nespresso turns Penelope Cruz into a turkey

OK, we’ll admit it – Spanish actress Penelope Cruz is quite popular in these quarters, for her acting ability obviously. So why go and waste it (and her) in this dire new US spot for Nespresso by The Martin Agency? ...

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Nestle in the legal trenches to defend $3bn Nespresso goldmine

Someone at Nestle once told me that a cup of coffee was the most profitable product in the world (all that water) and the world’s biggest food maker has profited mightily from the end product of the bean recently via ...

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