Clooney clanks into action for big-spending Nespresso

OK, that’s enough agonising over the state of adverts and agencies (see today’s other stories), let’s look at a campaign that clearly works – judging by the amount of money Nestle has thrown at it.

It’s George Clooney’s latest reprise for Nespresso via McCann (this time with Game of Thrones’ Natalie Dormer), more evidence, as my friend George Parker observes, of the way Bud “dilly dilly” Light is taking over the US ad industry.

Dilly Douchely! George calls it.

Which it is (what’s Solsbury Hill got to do with it?)

But it also shows that good ol’ big budget ads (sure that George and Natalie don’t come cheap) can work, unless Nestle has completely lost its marbles. By the standards of the Clooney campaign – mostly George looking cool somewhere nice, despite life’s vicissitudes – it’s actually quite imaginative, albeit derivative (see above).

Wonder what Wieden+Kennedy, dilly dilly’s originator, will come up with in its eagerly-awaited debut for Ford? If it’s someone in armour it’s gone to their heads too.

This one:

2 on the BMP/CDP scale, 6 for us mortals.

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