Clooney and friends front up for ‘caring’ Nespresso

Nestle, which hasn’t always been unequivocally on the side of the angels in its long history, is giving purpose both barrels in its new campaign by McCann for Nespresso – #MadeWithCare. Featuring “brand ambassador” George Clooney and friends, a carefully curated line-up of suitably diverse artists and activists.

According to Nespresso ‘Made with Care’ “bridges how caring for farmers and the environment results in high-quality coffee, which can further be a catalyst for positive change.”

Take it away George.

Clooney says: “Nespresso and I have always shared a passion for sustainability and farmer welfare. And if the past year has shown anything, it’s that care is pivotal to communities’ wellbeing and resilience. That’s why I feel privileged to stand alongside people with the same values in the “Made with Care” movement – from activists, to celebrities, to some of the most dedicated farmers and coffee experts I have ever met.

“Together, we are committed to sustainability, fairness and to ensuring we can enjoy great coffee for generations to come.”

Better make sure they walk the walk too but Clooney is an adept operator and there’s always super-lawyer Mrs Clooney in the wings.

Guess we’re stuck with purpose.

Bit of a change from early Nespresso when we had George (almost) pulling the girls.

Of it’s ilk not bad – sleek and slick.

MAA creative scale: 5.

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