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How ‘Red Ed’ Miliband won the UK election ad campaign

I’ve no idea who’s going to win Thursday’s election – the latest polls shows the Tories and Labour neck and neck on 33 per cent, as they pretty much have throughout – but we can, at least, offer a view ...

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Labour’s Ed Miliband badly needs a smart ad agency – but it doesn’t looks as though he’ll get one

Ads, and the efforts of admen, will play a role in May’s General Election but, probably, a lesser role than the admen would hope. So far there’s been one well-aimed punch, M&C Saatchi’s poster for the Conservatives featuring Labour leader ...

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The battle of Stephen Hester’s bonus is a PR disaster for all the parties

Well maybe not Labour leader Ed Miliband although it’s surprising that no-one has reminded him yet that RBS boss Stephen Hester’s generous deal at the nearly-nationalised bank was struck by former Labour PM Gordon Brown and chancellor Alistair Darling. And ...

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