Why the mad dogs at the Sun and the Mail deserve to lose the election

If Labour’s Ed Miliband wins the General Election – or Labour ends up as the largest party, which is more likely – then it will be a well-deserved kick in the unmentionables for Britain’s increasingly absurd right wing press.

As many commentators have pointed out (when they’ve left the pay of the Mail or one of Rupert Murdoch’s titles) the rabidly anti-Miliband, pro-Cameron British press (the Daily Mail, Mail on Sunday, Sun, Times and Telegraph titles) has become a joke, evident to everyone apart from its owners. Even the hacks must be embarrassed, which doesn’t happen all that often.

Here are a couple of front pages:


You expect this from Rupert Murdoch’s Sun but not from the Mail, which used to have some pretensions as a serious newspaper, albeit a robustly populist one.

The Mail front page is particularly daft. There it is, telling us how keep the evil leftie Miliband out of power, on top of a story pointing out that it now takes a month in some places to get an appointment with a GP.

Now this sad state of affairs wouldn’t be anything to do with the Tory party would it? After all, it’s been running the NHS for the past five years. Including hobbling it with another disastrous reorganisation which even prime minister David Cameron has admitted, in private, was a disastrous cock-up.

MAA hasn’t cast its vote yet. It certainly doesn’t agree with everything Miliband proposes.

But it certainly votes against repellent media bullying on such a scale.

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  1. The “Wizened of OZ” took over his dads Australian Media Empire, then moved to britain to build his UK Media Empire, then became a US citizen to build his US Media Empire. He unashamedly switches support for whoever will help build his various Media Empires. Sounds to me like the classic definition of a whore.
    Cheers/George “AdScam” Parker

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