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Is agency giant Omnicom really a white boys’ club?

That’s the implication of a dispute going on in New York where the city’s $118bn public pension funds have asked the investment banks and ad agency groups they invest in to disclose information about the racial and social gender of ...

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Heimat Berlin brings some magic to Hornbach DIY

Ads from DIY retailers equal boring in most places but Heimat in Berlin has produced a tour de force for German retailer Hornbach. “Hornbach continues to do its own thing – achieving big things with your bare hands,’ says Heimat ...

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Shredded Wheat dumps macho challenge for Superfruity version

It’s always a shame when a great campaign runs out of gas and Shredded Wheat, the venerable breakfast cereal marketed by Cereal Partners in the UK and Kraft in the US, is famous for its ‘three Shredded Wheat’ campaign which ...

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