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Are they Mad Men or what? It’s not just the guys..

Here, courtesy of Adweek, are some of the highlights of the latest Mad Men. Don has a threesome with Megan and a hippie, a mad writer slices his nipple off to impress Peggy and, still, agency and client deal with ...

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Is agency giant Omnicom really a white boys’ club?

That’s the implication of a dispute going on in New York where the city’s $118bn public pension funds have asked the investment banks and ad agency groups they invest in to disclose information about the racial and social gender of ...

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Heimat Berlin brings some magic to Hornbach DIY

Ads from DIY retailers equal boring in most places but Heimat in Berlin has produced a tour de force for German retailer Hornbach. “Hornbach continues to do its own thing – achieving big things with your bare hands,’ says Heimat ...

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