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Jamie Williams of isobel: why ending negative stereotypes needs to be everyone’s responsibility

The new ASA gender stereotyping guidelines should be welcomed by brands, agencies and the wider advertising industry, but enforced regulation is not enough. Formalising regulation is a natural step on from discussions around big issues, such as gender equality in ...

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Is the ASA’s bid to clean up ads the death knell for humour?

The UK’s ASA seems to have put the cat among the pigeons with its somewhat prescriptive plan to ban “gender stereotyping” ads, with lots of people saying its too bossy boots/Big Brother (the book that is). Here’s a compilation of ...

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ASA cans Heinz ‘Can Song’ campaign

UK ad watchdog the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has banned this rather nice BBH ad – ‘Can Song’ – on health and safety grounds following a number of complaints. It says there’s a danger of children trying to do it ...

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ASA rumbles Honda’s ‘speed reading’ ad

Honda is trying hard to inject some much needed Va Va Voom into its model line-up, with some success despite its less than rapid progress on its return to Formula One with the McLaren team. A key part of this ...

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