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ASA deals with adland outbreak of Tourette’s

UK adland regulator the ASA is dealing with a seeming outbreak of Tourette’s this Christmas – our old friend BrewDog is in trouble again (this time with the assistance of Uncommon Creative Studio) for its motherfucker poster (it doesn’t actually ...

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Reed Smith: what the new rules on gender stereotyping mean for advertisers

By Nick Breen and Caroline O’Doherty In May this year the Committee of Advertising Practice (CAP) published a consultation paper outlining a proposed new rule tackling gender stereotyping in advertising. The draft rule is: “Advertisements must not include gender stereotypes ...

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Gender stereotypes could finally be cause for complaint to the ASA

The Advertising Standards Authority can’t be accused of a knee-jerk response to the problem of gender stereotypes in ads. Last July it highlighted the issue in the “Depictions, Perceptions and Harm” report, and now, ten months later, it is launching ...

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Reed Smith: how gender stereotyping is changing ad industry

By Nick Breen and Chloe Clift Gender stereotyping has recently become a topical issue in various industries and British society as a whole. In light of its inherently influential and persuasive nature, the advertising industry has been targeted as being ...

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