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AMV BBDO opens Kat Institute for Whiskas

You could write a thesis on the depiction of cats in the digital age (someone probably is): part loveable, part sinister, masking our secret fear, perhaps, that these self-confident creatures will one day take over the world. Wieden+Kennedy’s ‘cats with ...

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Guinness’ Made of More’ saddles up in South Central LA

Guinness’ ‘Made of More’ campaign from AMV BBDO is usually something to look forward to with its tales of people surmounting the obstacles of life, from the awarded ‘Sapeurs’ to the underrated ‘John Hammond.’ Now it’s back with the ‘Compton ...

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Galaxy offers escape from modern life in new BBDO effort

Another ad featuring the dsystopian nature of modern life, this time from AMV BBDO/BBDO New York for Mars’ Galaxy (Dove in the US). Last time out in 2013 (quite a big gap) Galaxy resurrected Audrey Hepburn courtesy of CGI. This ...

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West lays on the drama with the Dolmio in AMV’s big new campaign for Mars

Great minds evidently think alike: Mars is launching a new global campaign for Dolmio sauces purporting to show that proper meals bring families together even when everybody – including a somewhat over-the-top dad played by the very actorish Dominic West ...

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BT goes back to basics but is there anything there?

BT and agency AMV BBDO seems to have given up on expensive celebs – Ryan Reynold and Alec Baldwin among them – to try to recreate it’s glory days of ‘it’s good to talk’ and many before that. Didn’t they ...

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