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Unison brings much-needed lively Labour note to General Election campaign

It’s been a pretty boring General Election campaign from an agency point of view, after all the Tories in particular have been shooting themselves in the foot with such regularity that there isn’t too much Labour and the other opposition parties need to add. All Labour’s Keir Starmer needs to do is stay reliably boring, which he’s reliably good at.

When he does make it to No 10 (a certainty according to most polls – wouldn’t it be fun if they’re wrong?), one of the items on his plate will be his union supporters, Labour’s biggest funders but armed with an agenda demanding big public sector pay rises. Unison is one such, britain’s biggest, and it has lots of public sector workers among its 1.3 million members.

It’s doing its bit for Labour in the campaign with this diverting Out of Home van campaign from Krow highlighting the supposed pros and cons of the Tory government (clue: there aren’t meany of the former.)

The campaign is also scheduled to appear in the Daily Mail, a venerable Tory-supporting British organ that seems to inhabit more of a parallel universe than ever, believing, for example, that what the country needs is more Boris Johnson.

Unison campaign manager Lisa McGuinness says: “It was a great experience to work with Krow Group once again on this latest campaign. Highlighting the Conservative government’s terrible record of failure on public services, and the workers who deliver them, is vitally important at this election.”

Krow group ECD Darryl George says: “The workers that Unison represents are usually overlooked in political debates. I’m proud that with the help of this hard-hitting campaign…the union’s members will be impossible to ignore.”

MAA creative scale: 8.

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