Top Tips for Cannes: Renaux & Marty from Herezie

Marty, Renaux

Etienne Renaux + Paul Marty are ECDs at Paris agency Herezie. Clients include Amazon Prime Video, Barilla, Unilever, Free Mobile, Chanel, and Coca Cola. 

The countdown is on, and in a fortnight’s time, all eyes will be on the winning entries. Like every year, there will be plenty of surprises and obvious choices. But for the lucky ones who will be in Cannes, here are the 3 pitfalls to avoid from 2 Frenchmen:

  • Don’t overdo the BBQs in villas; stress is no excuse for eating that much chipolata, merguez, and côte de boeuf.
  • Don’t overdo the self-tanning oil; remember that if you’re here, it’s because you’ve made everyone believe you will have meetings and conferences all day. An over-groomed tan might cast doubt.
  • Don’t take an Uber if you’re late for the stage; the 2 km from the Croisette is quicker on foot. However, if it’s very hot and you don’t want the 2309 people in the Louis Lumière to notice the sweat stains under your arms, we recommend wearing black. It’s classy, and with a bit of luck, if you cross your arms for the photos, Anselmo Ramos will think you’re a creative from one of GUT’s new offices and will invite you to a BBQ at GUT’s Villa.

But, we’re getting sidetracked, so let’s go back to the LIONS and look at what we’d like to see shine.

#1 Assume That I Can from Small NY

We love this campaign. You’re probably not discovering this for the first time, but it’s much more than a film; it’s a global conversation launched in PR and on social media. It’s hundreds of videos on TikTok that sweep away the biases we have about people with Down’s Syndrome. It’s bold, irreverent, funny, and heart-warming. And it’s yet another demonstration of the strength and creative consistency of Coordown and the 2 creatives, Luca & Luca.

#2 Meet Marina Prieto from David


The idea starts with a real business problem for the brand, but instead of a panic campaign, they took their time to demonstrate the effectiveness of their product. No logo, no CTA, just a clever idea and a grandma doing grandma stuff.

#3 ‘Laugh Through It’ Fold7

Because it’s as dumb as it is smart, and we like it. Plus, it’s a way for us to celebrate the new “use of humor” sub-category.


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