Cadbury and VCCP get distracted for launch of Dairy Milk’s ‘&More’ bar

The new Dairy Milk “&More” bar from Cadbury looks pretty tasty, and that’s the whole premise of this new campaign by VCCP.  In two TV executions, the chocolate is so distracting that a gamer abandons his team and a mother leaves her daughter waiting in the rain.

OOH work plays on the same theme. The &More bar is placed next to other ads (all for real independent businesses) in which everyone turns to stare at the Cadbury chocolate. Other executions place contextual ads at bus stops and airports, reminding people that they really should be getting on their bus or picking up their luggage rather than staring at the &More chocolate chunk. Media is by Publicis Media.

Maria Jackson, senior brand banager at Mondelez, said: “Cadbury’s brand identity revolves around generosity and this campaign is an embodiment of that, showcasing and collaborating with real independent businesses to share our platform. It’s been an exciting journey to see the product truth (there is a lot to take in!) amplified through a series of eye-catching ads that highlight an irresistible new product.”

Laura Muse, creative director at VCCP London, said: “It’s not often you get to launch a new product for such a national treasure of a brand, so it’s been a really exciting campaign to be a part of. We’re just hoping those delicious chunks don’t cause any serious distractions.”

Satisfyingly, it’s up to VCCP’s usual high standards on the Mondelez business.

MAA creative scale: 7

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