BETC rebels smash the elite in Citroën’s OTT revolution-era epic

This ad seems to make very little sense until you get to the end, when its crazy logic is explained and you want to watch it all over again.

Citroën’s electric cars have come down in price and are no longer for the elite, so agency BETC has staged a sumptuous 18th century party and invited a squad of rebels to drive in and stage a coup, with help from a fleet of ë-C3 cars. David Bowie’s Suffragette City is the soundtrack.

Stéphane Xiberras, BETC president and chief creative officer, said: “Be reasonable, ask for the impossible, that’s what we wanted to say for the launch of an electric car accessible to all. OK, so the film isn’t very reasonable, but since ‘impossible isn’t French’, thanks to Citroën, thanks to all our team and thanks to Fredrik Bond for making the impossible possible.”

Citroën CMO Federico Goyret said: “The new ë-C3 is a revolutionary product, offering accessible, high-quality, electric mobility for everyone for the first time. This product deserved a catchy, high impact, visually stunning campaign, adorned with a fantastic soundtrack.”

Car advertising has been in the doldrums of late, but this will shock it out of its complacency. When the entertainment is this good, anachronisms – Bowie + the French revolution + electric cars – just add to the fun. Vive la révolution.

MAA creative scale: 9

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