Rankin Creative agency rebrands as The Hunger

Ace photographer Rankin is combining his eponymous creative agency with Hunger magazine (which he also founded) to create a combined agency, editorial and entertainment offering. The Hunger clients include include Mercedes AMG, De Beers, Climeworks and Henkel.

The Hunger will be led by CEO Richard Pinder, MD Amy Claridge, CSO & Head of Entertainment Development Nimi Raja and CCO Warren Beeby.

Rankin says: “In today’s dynamic landscape, we must embrace change fearlessly. Our journey over the past five years has shown us the need to adapt and evolve, honouring every facet of our business and its collective strength. In 2024 it felt very old fashioned to be a founder-named agency. Plus, I’ve always believed that you should work with people cleverer than you and that’s what we’ve built. It really feels like it’s time for them to soar.”

CEO Pinder (a former COO at Publicis Groupe) says: “Our story is one of evolution and constant reinvention, we envision a creative company built not on conventional blueprints but on innovation, collaboration, and a relentless hunger for positive change. This move brings together a world-class team and a modern creative company, ready to build on the work we’ve already done for the likes of Rolls Royce and De Beers, generating transformative results.”

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