O2’s Bubl joins a family summer road trip with VCCP

It’s hard to imagine a holiday that doesn’t require using your phone for navigation, translation, and finding the best spots to eat and drink, which means roaming charges can be a legitimate worry when you’re abroad. VCCP are here to reassure us that for O2 customers, there’s no extra cost if you stay within the EU.

O2 mascot Bubl tags along on a carefree family road trip around Italy and Greece, not even pausing to worry about getting rusty at the beach.

Simon Groves, director of brand and marketing at Virgin Media O2, said: “We are proud to offer our customers inclusive EU roaming at no extra cost in 49 European destinations. So, whether it’s snapping the scenery, making memories with family or navigating around town, our customers have one less thing to worry about.”

David Masterman, deputy ECD at VCCP, added: “We’re all petrified of roaming charges; the thought of coming home from holiday and being greeted with a bill so eye-watering that you have to mortgage the cat. This film celebrates all the things you can do when your roaming is included.”

Makes its point very well and conjures up a holiday mood, even if Bubl looks a bit of a spare part – at least the O2 mascot is standing out.

MAA creative scale: 6.5

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