Every dog has its day in The Or’s new film for

Even the most ardent dog-lover will get their fill with The Or’s new ad featuring hundreds of Labradors, each one apparently unique if you care to look closely enough.

It’s like Dances with Wolves meets the Andrex Puppy – a surreal world where, of course, your dog is “Never Average.” Which is why you might want to cough up for a subscription to a personalised dog food brand.

Ian Pate, brand director at, said: “With ‘Never Average’ we share our belief that each dog has unique, evolving nutritional needs, meaning every detail matters, no matter how small. In this campaign, we’re championing the individual personalities, details and needs of dogs distinctively, with a clear link to our 100% tailored dog food.”

Dan Morris, ECD at The Or, said: “We don’t have average ‘human food’ because we all have different needs, preferences and tastes. Dogs are no different. They are just as unique, special and complex in all the right ways, so they should be fed like it.”

Mother Design has been brought in to overhaul the brand. Partner Kirsty Minns said: “Having a dog as part of your family is a journey that is joyful yet unpredictable. We wanted to develop a brand world that could truthfully capture all of those moments, rejecting the industry trope of ‘picture perfect’ ownership and showcasing the many facets of dog parenthood in a way no other brand is doing.”

The film is directed by Max Siedentopf, better known for his work with premium brands like Apple and Gucci, with a soundtrack by 70s disco queen Amanda Lear. It will air in peak TV programming housed across Channel 4 and Sky, as well as the broadcasters’ BVOD platforms. Print and digital OOH across London and the South of England will run across major sites including Waterloo Motion. Media is by Goodstuff.

MAA creative scale: 7

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