Uncommon NYC has another life story to tell, this time for Sirius XM

Fresh from its Quaker Oats ad taking us through the stages of a man’s life, Uncommon New York’s new three-minute film for US radio station Sirius XM marks the milestones of a dancer’s path from youth to old age, soundtracked by songs and interviews broadcast across the eras.

For “A Life in Sound” Uncommon has also again pulled out a top female director for the job. This time it’s Kim Gehrig (Apple’s The Greatest, Bodyform Viva la Vulva) and  for Quaker it was Aftersun’s Charlotte Wells.

The national OOH campaign focuses on the fans of different musical and programming genres broadcast on Sirius XM: hip-hop (a mosh pit of diehard hip-hop fans), country (a proper country rumble), and sports Lakers vs Celtics showdown) all underlined with an audio accompaniment.

Suzi Watford, Chief Growth Officer at SiriusXM, said: “At Sirius XM we are passionate about audio. Our ‘Closer’ campaign features powerful, emotive and iconic creative showcasing the role that SiriusXM plays in people’s lives and is a celebration of the power of audio.”

Nils Leonard, co-founder at Uncommon Creative Studio, said:  “‘A Life in Sound’ celebrates the real, universal, and uniquely human experience of being moved by the audio you love. One film. One woman. Dancing through the different chapters of her life. It is the truth of the Sirius XM experience captured in film.”

Formulaic but beautifully done, and the soundtrack more than does the job for Sirius XM.

MAA creative scale: 6.5

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