MAA Ad of the Week: Sky Tennis Out of Home

New channel Sky Tennis began with an homage to Sony Bravia’s epic ‘bouncy balls‘ ad from Fallon all those years ago and now balls are appearing all over the place, including two new installations in London.

In 3-D obs.

Sky’s director of marketing Dave Stratton says: “This is a new, dedicated Tennis channel which will bring fans more of the sport they love. We’ve strived to ensure cut through with bold work which brings to life tennis iconography that will resonate with everyone who loves watching and playing the game. The channel is innovative, bold and fresh, and I think we’ve served up a campaign which delivers on those attributes.”

Creative director Rob Welch says: “We wanted to put something impactful out there for the public to enjoy for real.”

Out of Home is quite rare in that it’s where media and creative really can come together. Sky has been a big supporter over the years.

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