Uncommon takes Nike Jordan ‘Beyond’ the streets of Paris

As if we needed proof that Uncommon Creative Studios has entered the big league, here’s a grandiose campaign for Nike Jordan, complete with an original poem written by Grammy award-winning poet, J.Ivy.

The “Beyond” theme allows for plenty of aspirational words and visuals, and Michael Jordan himself even makes an appearance. It’s all seen through the eyes of aspiring basketball player, 16 year-old Kamaya Jones.

Nils Leonard, co-Founder of Uncommon, said: “Nike’s Jordan brand is one of the worlds most important brands. Whether in our studios in London, Sweden or New York, Uncommon was created to work on opportunities of this scale and importance and we are proud to launch this work to inspire and provoke a new generation.”

It’s a big leap for Uncommon, which has opened offices in New York and Stockholm since the Havas acquisition last summer.

MAA creative scale: 6

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