‘Made to be less hated’ pays off for HP printers

“Solutions” seem to be making a comeback. Can you remember when plumbers rebranded as water solutions or possibly frozen pipe solutions.

Media agencies, ever keen to provide a purported solution or three, have been busy hiring ‘client solutions’ directors recently. So what do all the other directors do – create difficulties?

HP Print Solutions is taking the bull by the horns, acknowledging that people hate the damn things. Largely because they rarely work and, when they do, still cost you a fortune.

‘Made to be Less Hated’ from AKQA Copenhagen and production company Hamlet has been running in Europe for a while now and HP says it’s its most successful campaign ever.

HP_Made to be less hated_installation from HAMLET on Vimeo.

HP_Made to be less hated_Low Ink from HAMLET on Vimeo.

HP says its new app is the, er, solution.

Better be. But this at least expresses the frustrations.

MAA creative scale: 6.

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