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Walmart brings ‘RomCommerce’ to the world of social media shoppable ads

23-part Christmas series from Publicis agencies

This Christmas is rather a blast from the past in some ways: recycled ads and now the migthty Walmart is harking back to those days of “shoppable” ads in which a minor celeb (or other) invites you to purchase from an extensive list of goodies. The early days of ITV featured a so-called Admag programme called ‘Jim’s Inn.’

This year Walmart is flogging 300 products via a 23-page series featuring the romantic entanglements of designer Jessica as she navigates various proposals – when she’s isn’t shopping or on her phone. ‘RomCommerce not RomCom’ says Walmart.

On TikTok, Roku and YouTube from a gaggle of Publicis agencies led by Fallon and including Publicis New York, Digitas, The Community and Contender with Interpublic’s Golin on PR.

Breaking in December (surely not a Christmas ad at Christmas?). Here’s the trailer.

Interesting new (old) idea. Can the social media world stand yards of Jessica? Seems like she might handle it.

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