Jameson has a new spin on smooth in global Ogilvy debut

Jameson is a whopper global brand these days (10 million cases a year) and here’s its debut with new global agency Ogilvy, from the UK branch.

You can’t really say anything about booze these so what most do is show the people who drink it and hope we’ll want to be like them. The old Martini formula lives on.

Ogilvy has tipped this in its head rather by showing the expected cool customer prompting a series of disasters and somehow sailing through them. Guided by the dulcet tones of Cillian Murphy.

Irish Distillers CEO Nodjame Fouad says: “Jameson continues to go from strength to strength across the globe, reaching the milestone of selling 10?million?cases in 2022. We attribute our success to Jameson’s incredibly smooth taste, consistent quality and strong brand values and personality, all brought to life beautifully in our new campaign.”

As you would.

But it’s good big brand, big agency advertising (the agency credits reveal a cast of thousands – 9 months in the making it seems.)

MAA creative scale: 7.

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