Iceland introduces ‘tourist bouncer’ to speed travellers on their way

Flying Icelandair you can have a free stopover as you head to the maelstrom of New York, trouble is: lots of tourists don’t want to leave.

So social media agency Kubbco, and creative agency Hvíta Húsið have added ‘The polite tourist bouncer’ to the ‘Easy to stop, hard to leave’ campaign. Not exactly Scandi noir, Scandi grey maybe.

Icelandair’s Gísli Brynjolfsson (thank goodness for copy and paste) says: “The Icelandair Stopover is an important component of our business model, and one we want to continue to grow and raise awareness of. With this new series, we’re excited for the next stage of our “Easy to Stop. Hard to Leave” campaign continuing to offer consumers a new way of viewing transatlantic travel. We want to turn something normally seen as an ordinary part of a journey, into an unforgettable, once-in-a-lifetime part of their trip.”

Pertinent and funny.

MAA creative scale: 7.

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