Anomaly takes Mbappé and Lewis Hamilton on a journey for Rimowa

The humble suitcase is given a rather heroic role in this latest global ad for German brand Rimowa by Anomaly London.

Lewis Hamilton, Mbappé and Rosé (a Korean-New Zealander singer and dancer) all believe that travel is “not just a means for personal advancement but also a catalyst for inner transformation.”

Emelie De Vitis, SVP product & marketing at Rimowa, said: “This fourth chapter of our Never Still campaign signals an evolution as we look forward to what travel means post-pandemic, as a journey towards progress. We are delighted to partner once again with icons that echo our mindset of purposeful travel”.

The soundtrack is by double Oscar-winner Hans Zimmer, turning the epic mood of the film up to 11.

A little overblown but it stands out better than your average luxury ad.

MAA creative scale: 6

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