Ryan Reynolds celebrates HP sponsorship in pre-season film for Wrexham FC

The history of Ryan Reynolds and Wrexham FC is not only a glorious sporting tale, it’s also a very lucrative one. While a good many Premiership teams are making do with betting companies as sponsors, lowly League 2 Wrexham FC has secured the support of tech giant HP.

Reynolds already has his own ad agency, Maximum Effort – which made this film – as well as a track record as a good businessman, a sought-after brand spokesman, and all-round nice guy. These talents are all on his display in an entertaining video he’s made with co-chairman Rob McElhenney to announce the HP sponsorship and explain their dubious “tech vision” for Wrexham.

The HP logo will be on display when Wrexham play in the “USA Invasion” 2023 summer tour, where the team – recently promoted back into the Football League after 15 years – will play big names including Chelsea, Manchester United and LA Galaxy.

The duo said: “HP was born in a garage in 1939 and has become one of the leading technology brands in the world. Wrexham Association Football Club was born in a bar in 1864 and is on its way to great things. We could not think of a better partner on this ride, for the club and the community. Plus, our tech game really needs an upgrade. Pretty sure we still have flying toasters as screensavers on some of our computers.”

Vikrant Batra, HP’s Global CMO, said: As with football, technology has the power to connect and unite people all over the world. The passion of Wrexham’s fans to rally around their beloved football team, throughout the highs and lows, has been an inspiration to us at HP. We’re excited to bring the power of our technology to the club and broader community, supporting them to achieve their goals.”

MAA creative scale: 7.5

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