System1 rates Cannes shortlisted ads for effectiveness

Researcher System1 has been looking at Cannes Lions shortlisted ads to see which ones resonate most strongly with the public. System1 purports to measure emotional response and ability to drive growth.

And the top ones are:

The National Lottery – “A Christmas Love Story” (5.7-Stars)

McDonald’s – “Raise Your Arches” (4.7-Stars)
Coca-Cola – “Masterpiece” (4.5-Stars)
Popcorners – “Breaking Good” (3.9-Stars)

Apple – “The Greatest” (3.8-Stars)
John Lewis – “For All Life’s Moments” (3.5-Stars)
Procter & Gamble – “The Name” (3.5-Stars)

Marmite – “Baby Scan” (3.3-Stars)
Apple – “Action Mode” (3.3-Stars)
John Lewis – “The Beginner” (3.3-Stars)

Some of these have won already (Marmite, Apple) although we’d be amazed if ‘A Christmas Love Story’ wins big, good though it is. Just not very Cannes-like.

System1 chief customer officer Jon Evans says:“It’s great to see a campaign that System1 supported at the top of the list with a near-perfect score, as well as other ads that apply best practices from our research, like the McDonald’s spot leveraging its distinctive assets and ads bringing the experiences of under-represented groups into the spotlight.

“Many of this year’s Cannes shortlisted ads are both creative and well-liked – the perfect inspiration for brands looking to make commercially effective work.”

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